We embrace artistry and sustainable practices in our global community.

Choices we make in our daily lives impact not only our immediate surroundings but families and communities around the world. Our commitment to the preservation of artistic traditions and environmental riches is reflected in our passion for cultural practices, resource conservation and sustainable materials.

We work directly with the artisans whose products we promote.

In many parts of the world, urban migration has torn apart families, strained village life and depleted farming income. We work directly with village-based artisans that set their own prices and earn fair compensation for their talents. For our customers, these relationships translate into high-quality products at competitive prices and the opportunity to create custom pieces.

“The store has such a tranquil quality, with merchandise artistically displayed. It is a respite to stroll through the outdoor garden and discover earthenware pots from Vietnam, fountains from Thailand and concrete pavers that look like weathered wooden railroad ties.”  – John Bloodsworth, Design Professional

We find creative ways to work with ecologically sound materials.

Incorporating responsible practices into what we do is an extension of the nature of the products we sell. We rehabilitated a rundown auto-repair facility into a showroom for our eco-friendly products. Outside, we replaced impermeable asphalt with crushed granite to create a Zen-like garden with lush ponds and display areas. For irrigation, we rely on rainwater and air conditioning condensate collected in our Ong™ jars.

We partner with organizations that support a greener world.

As part of our commitment to environmental sustainability, we support and promote businesses and other organizations that are committed to using natural resources in a responsible and creative way.

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