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Go Green with Style

Big Grass Has New Discoveries on the Horizon For generations, people in developing countries have used, reused and re-purposed natural resources. Their work proves that furniture and accessories can be sustainable, expertly made, stylish and functional, and still affordable. That’s … Continue reading

Harvest Rainwater – the beautiful way.

The Ong™ Jar by Big Grass is the attractive alternative to plastic and metal collection containers – lending modern-day appeal to the ancient practice of rainwater harvesting. Handcrafted from cement, the Ong™ Jar harvests hundreds of gallons of precious rainwater … Continue reading

Discover Your Outdoor Oasis

Whether you’re creating a peaceful space to unwind, or looking for dazzling accents to transform your garden for a summer party, visit Big Grass for garden décor, landscape materials, lighting and pottery you won’t find anywhere else!   Click on a … Continue reading