Custom Designs

Every item we carry is unique, handmade by artisans in Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. Because we work directly with the producers, we can ensure that your purchase fits your specifications.

Many Big Grass items are available in a range of special-order colors, and we can also modify sizes of some of our existing designs. Among these are our traditional Chiang Mai and our Sabai™ bamboo furniture collections as well as our Mai™ decorative storage collection

To give you a feel for the possibilities, we will gladly share with you a portfolio of products. 

“All of staff are excellent to deal with—in person or by phone.”
– John W. Burke, MD, Houston, TX

Product Sourcing

We are happy to source products for individuals and retailers as part of the services we offer. Because we are often on-site and speak the local languages, we can locate the highest-quality pieces to match your specifications. In addition, because we manage our own container shipments, we can keep your paperwork and shipping costs to a minimum.

Please contact us to discuss how we can be of service:

Toll free: 1.877.735.7999
Outside the United States: +1.210.735.7999

Emails or calls after store hours or on a holiday will be returned the next business day.

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